Are your meals compatible with GLP-1 medication

Are your meals compatible with GLP-1 medication

We have seen an increase in questions about GLP-1 (the group of weight loss drugs marketed as Wegovy. Mounjaro etc) and our meals.

GLP-1 weight loss injections happen typically once a week and work by controlling appetite and making you feel fuller for longer.

Long term studies have shown that this can lead to 20% weight loss in 9-12 months. 

Customers taking GLP-1 medication typically want to eat smaller portions and the Wisely Well meals are perfect to fit in and support weight loss when you can't find the time to prepare meals or cook.

In addition the higher protein content of the Wisely Well meals are important to maintain healthy muscle mass which can be reduced in weight loss. Supporting healthy muscle mass is important both in the short term but also in older age due to the natural reduction of lean muscle mass as we age.

Although we do not offer diet products - our range is ideal to support weight loss as part of a GLP-1 plan.

Combining convenient portion controlled meals that are higher in protein whilst using a GLP-1 drug can be a great weight management tool to ensure a successful weight loss journey and minimise muscle loss.

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