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How our meals are delicious for longer

We get a lot of questions about how our meals are cooked and can be stored for longer than most store bought ready meals - here's how!

Our innovative process that seals in freshness from our kitchen to yours

How our Meals are made?

Freshly Prepared

All our meals are prepared in UK kitchens, using high quality UK sourced ingredients and without the use of unnecessary preservatives. We prepare the meals as you would at home in small batches using chefs in a batch cooking kitchen. Usually we make a base sauce, just as you would at home, then we add vegetables, our British meat and stir!

We then assemble the meals into trays - think of this like serving on a plate.

Then the magic happens - we seal the meals in the tray and pressure cook them in a large steam oven - sealing in the freshness using a highly innovative steam pressure technology. The cooking process is like sterilisation or pasteurisation - which is used before bottling milk - sealing in the freshness and extending the period that the product remains fresh.

The meals are then cooled and a cardboard sleeve with all the nutritional and ingredients is applied and we ship the meals directly to your door. No middleman, straight from our kitchen to yours.

Perfectly Pressure Cooked

Meals are cooked using a process very similar to home pressure cooking. It's this clever heating process that ensures the meals are safe to eat with a longer shelf life. Both the vacuum seal and the method of cooking ensure aromas and flavours are locked in, retaining all the taste.

Heat and enjoy!

Cupboard stored meals can be heated in a microwave in just a few minutes, or decanted and oven-cooked if you prefer.

Our customers love us!

Dad is 94 and I feel so happy that I found you, he loves the meals
Mrs Searle, Devon
Mum loves the selection and next day deliver is a bonus
Ms Seabourne, London
The subscription is so easy to modify, with Mum's favourite meals, she loves the Salmon & Rice
Mr Robertson, Dundee