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Protein Intake in later life

Protein intake in later life

There has been much debate about protein intake in later life. In modern society we related to protein intake in athletes and now in fitness fanatics and in weight builders, gym goers and the body conscious. 

Protein plays an important part in later life muscle recovery and maintenance of lean muscle mass. Up to 10% of older community dwelling adults and 35% of those in short or long term institutional care do not have sufficient food intake to meet a protein intake of 0.7g/kg body weight per day. 

Those at risk of malnourishment should increase their intake to 1.2-1.5g/kg of body weight per day. 

Vitamin D is well documented but a number of academic studies have suggested that intake should be over 10 u g/d in older adults as Vitamin D synthesis in the skin is not as effective in older adults.

Reference: https://www.maturitas.org/article/S0378-5122(18)30178-6/